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Plastic in my habitat

How does plastic impact habitats and ecosystems? Plastic is not just a human problem. It impacts every habitat and ecosystem! This includes the Great Lakes and the ocean, because they are downstream from our homes, industries, and roads! In this collection, you will learn about the plastic cycle and how animals at every level of the food web are impacted by microplastic. Join a fisher and Coastal Action scientist Jessie McIntyre off the coast of Nova Scotia to hunt for ghost gear. Then travel to a living laboratory in North Western Ontario with scientist Chelsea Rochman to study microplastics in the environment!

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We made this collection with the University of Toronto Trash Team. This partnership was born out of a shared love for our waterways, environmental education, and scientific research. The U of T Trash Team has generously provided expertise on plastic pollution and solutions to decrease waste. We have adapted lessons and activities from their education resources, and their team has meticulously validated the content in English and French. We are grateful for their support and friendship! Click here to learn more about the U of T Trash Team.

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