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Follow along as British Columbian artist Pete Clarkson crafts a memorial to the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. Like so many people around the world, Pete was deeply affected by the disaster. See how he incorporates splintered and mangled timber and other objects from the Tohoku region into a unique public sculpture that connects Pete, his community and a people an ocean away.

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2 h 0 min activity

Raising awareness through art: Students learn how others are transforming plastic into musical instruments to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Next they stretch their innovation skills and plan how to upcycle plastic materials into an instrument, they gather their materials and build a prototype.

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Shirley Vercruysse


John Bolton


John Bolton


Shirley Vercruysse

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Chris McLaren

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Jennifer Scott, Pete Clarkson, Jesse Clarkson, Sam Clarkson, George Patterson, Jan Janzen


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