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Plastic interactives

Explore ocean science and the impacts of plastic pollution on the environment with interactive stories and simulations with activities suitable for grades 5-12. Check out how plastic moves through our world, how ghost gear is retrieved, and travel through time to find out how and why plastic has infiltrated every part of our lives.

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  • Virtual realityVirtual reality
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We made this collection with the University of Toronto Trash Team. This partnership was born out of a shared love for our waterways, environmental education, and scientific research. The U of T Trash Team has generously provided expertise on plastic pollution and solutions to decrease waste. We have adapted lessons and activities from their education resources, and their team has meticulously validated the content in English and French. We are grateful for their support and friendship! Click here to learn more about the U of T Trash Team.

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  • 4 resources
  • Adventure Time 45 min
  • Activity Time 6 h 0 min

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  • U of T Trash Team
  • GreenLearning
  • Ocean Wise
  • Coastal Action
  • Benjamin Von Wong