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Plastics on trial: Ice cream scoop trawl

Everyone is a researcher! Join researchers at CLEAR while they investigate the sources of plastic in our waterways using DIY research tools. Learn how plastic is an environmental justice issue and who is more affected by plastic pollution.

Note: There are two versions of Plastics on trial. The video is the same, but the activities are different. "Plastics on trial: BabyLegs" is meant for high school students, and "Plastics on trial: Ice Cream Scoop" is more appropriate for elementary students.

Video 6 min video
2 h 0 min activity
2 h 0 min activity

Makerspace meets citizen science: Students create their own microplastic data collection device by following the step-by-step instructions. Next, students use their data collection device for a research project. Students follow a step-by-step guide to design their field study. Critical thinking skills are then put to the test as students develop a research question and hypothesis, collect data in the field, and analyze their findings.

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