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So far we’ve joined youth host Jordan and lead scientist Dr. Boris Worm...

......as they embark on a journey to learn about the intricacies of land-sea connections in the Great Bear Rainforest. With members of the Heiltsuk First Nation, we are learning about how interactions of the marine and terrestrial ecosystem are crucial for the coastal environment as well as for coastal people. With experts, scientists and traditional knowledge holders in the Heiltsuk traditional territory, we are trying to find out: How can we ensure the harvest is sustainable?

Coming Fall 2019.

Harvest Cycles

How can we ensure the harvest is sustainable?

The harvest cycles are integral to Heiltsuk culture and way of life. There are many different harvest seasons and activities in a year, starting with the herring spawning season in the spring and the salmon harvest in the fall. Join youth host Jordan and lead scientist, Dr. Boris Worm, as they try set out to discover the herring spawn on kelp and salmon harvests in the Heiltsuk Nation. Come and learn about about traditional Heiltsuk knowledge and laws and reflect on how we can better manage our harvests by integrating different knowledge systems with science.

Coming Fall 2019.

We’re not done!  

Ocean School wants to continue to digitally transport youth from around the world into the water and onto the shores of the North Pacific. To make it happen, we need partners and funders. 

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