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Balancing act

For millennia, the Haíɫzaqv have depended on the seasonal cycles that bring ocean resources to the coast. But now these resources are dwindling.

Video 7 min video
1 h 15 min activity
1 h 15 min activity

Comic: Students learn more about c̓isḷa—the act of looking after and taking care of something important. Students then create a comic that illustrates people taking care of and giving back to nature.

Teaching tip:
Use images that authentically reflect the specific Indigenous culture you’re learning about. For example, if you’re teaching about the concept of C̓isḷa, show images of the Haíɫzaqv and their traditions.

Alert: It is important not to over-romanticize or generalize all Indigenous people based on any specific concept. Avoid the “noble savage” trope."

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