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Awesome soup: Climate change challenge

The Bay of Fundy empties and fills every twelve hours, with a volume of water equal to every freshwater river in the world… combined! The churning of all this water acts like an incredible mixer, stirring up nutrients which feed an entire food chain. Such abundance caused the Indigenous people, long ago, to refer to this place as “The Soup That Feeds All”.

Note: There are two versions of Awesome Soup. The video is the same, but the activities are different. "Awesome soup: Climate change challenge" focuses on how climate change may change the food web, while the activity for "Awesome Soup Recipe Challenge" focuses on creating a recipe using species and resources found in the Bay of Fundy.

Video 2 min video
1 h 0 min activity
1 h 0 min activity

Climate change challenge: Students review the basics of food webs and trophic levels before constructing a food web for the Bay of Fundy. Then students are challenged to redraw the food chain without krill, a keystone species that is threatened by climate change. The activity ends with reflection questions on the biodiversity of the bay, human impacts and climate change.

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