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Shipping on the Seaway

Why does marine transportation matter? Discover the world of shipping on the St. Lawrence Seaway. In this collection, you will uncover the challenges and career paths of shipping professions and learn about the intricate operations of locks, how ships can use biofuel, and what working and living on a ship is like.

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This collection was produced with the generous collaboration and support of our industry partners: the CSL Group, the Chamber of Marine Commerce, the Canadian Marine Careers Foundation, and the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation. We thank all of our partners for their commitment to promoting and advancing maritime education and sustainability.

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  • 7 resources
  • Adventure Time 34 min
  • Activity Time 10 h 45 min

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  • Canadian Marine Careers Foundation
  • CSL Group
  • St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
  • Chamber of Marine Commerce
  • Ocean Frontier Institute
  • NFB Education

It’s just really, really impressive seeing the ships come in. Every time, it amazes me to see these huge floating objects coming through this tiny little lock and being raised up. I just find it’s unique and very special.

Ricardo D'Amore
Ricardo D'Amore Operations Controller, The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation