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What's in the water?

All freshwater lakes and rivers eventually drain into an ocean ... and the St. Lawrence River drains over a quarter of all the freshwater on the planet! The mix of fresh and saltwater habitats in this river supports a huge diversity of fish species! Join Lexy and experts from the River Institute to learn why and how scientists are monitoring water quality in the St. Lawrence and looking at how factors like water clarity, temperature, and conductivity create different environments for the species that live there. Along the way, we'll find out how nutrient pollution can affect aquatic ecosystems, and what the yellow perch can tell us about the health of the river.

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2 h 0 min activity

Citizen science! Students are challenged to monitor environmental changes in their community over time. First they interview a long-term resident about changes they have noticed. Then they select a location and make observations about the environment and water quality using an field journal

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