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Critical reflection

Critical reflection is where it all comes together in three smart steps! You’ve assembled your facts. You’ve made sense of those new facts, cracking their code! You’re ready to turn your brand-new knowledge into powerful action. Now let’s harness the power of critical reflection to tackle a big problem that affects us all: plastic in the ocean!

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Video 3 min video
1 h 30 min activity
1 h 30 min activity

Reflecting on waste management: Students play the “Detective Game” as an introduction to the concept of critical reflection. After, they reflect on how to use information to solve problems, and then apply the critical reflection process to investigate the waste management system at their school.

This inquiry tool comes with an educator guide with a sample lesson plan to help build students’ understanding of the inquiry process. Download the Educator guide from the “Teacher support” section of this page.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain the 3 steps of critical reflection.

  • Use a graphic organizer and appropriate vocabulary to reflect critically.

  • Apply the 3 critical reflection steps to a new situation.

The educator guide includes:

  • Background information

  • Discussion questions

  • A lesson plan to facilitate the ‘critical reflection’ activity

  • A graphic organizer for the “What? So what? Now what?” method

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