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Watching the watchman

Take an immersive boat ride with Guardian Watchman Jordan Wilson! Jordan plumbs the depths for data—gathering observations and using traditional knowledge—to inform marine protection and management throughout the Central Coast… and you’re right there, along with him!

360° video 3 min 360° video
40 min activity
40 min activity

Career reflection: Students learn about the cultural significance of different carved poles in Haíɫzaqv culture, including the Watchmen poles. Then, they write about the knowledge, skills and values that a watchman must have.

Teaching tip:
Show Indigenous people as appropriate role models for learners to connect with.

Many images belong to particular people, nations, families, or clans. Don’t use designs, symbols or crests without permission. Please note that the colours of Haíɫzaqv poles are culturally significant, protected knowledge. Please do not colour in the images of the poles.

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Jac Gautreau


Scott Simpson


Sonya Lee


Heather De Lagran, Erika Sullivan, Emily Sheepy


Théo Belnou, Erika Sullivan