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The Ocean School team is committed to helping you have a great experience. Please explore the FAQ, watch our support videos and consult our guides below. If you still have questions, please get in touch.

What is Ocean School?

Ocean School is a groundbreaking learning experience that uses powerful storytelling techniques, immersive technologies and interactive media. Its inquiry-based approach advances critical thinking, innovation and environmental awareness. OS guides the learner through immersive media using VR, augmented reality, 360 cinema, and more to explore and foster a deep engagement with ocean science.

What is Ocean School?

Who is Ocean School for?

Ocean School is for everyone. We invite all lifelong learners to register and explore our immersive experiences. You will see the ocean in a new way.

Ocean school is also designed for students and educators. Are you an educator? Sign up and peruse the educator space, which includes many additional resources to support using Ocean School in the classroom.

Get started for Educators

Is Ocean School bilingual?

Yes! Ocean School is available in both English and French.

What is Inquiry Based Learning?

Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) encourages students to take the lead in their learning experience. Posing their own questions and gathering evidence, learners practice the skills they need to participate in knowledge creation. Students and educators share responsibility for identifying problems that students can investigate further. Together, they engage in critical thinking, collection and analysis of evidence, logical reasoning, and creative problem-solving.

Inquiry based learning

Competencies and cross-cutting skills

Does Ocean School have a Community of Practice for Educators?

Yes! You can join the Ocean School Educators group on Facebook. This group is a space where you can connect with other educators who are using Ocean School to share ideas, resources, and good practices!

Do I need to use Google Classroom?

Ocean School is optimized for use in Google Classroom, but can be absolutely be experienced without it. Certain collaborative features (shared documents and integrated assignment creation and submission) will not be available, but all of Ocean School's multimedia content and supporting activities remain available.

Google Classroom FAQ

What is Ocean School?

Find out what Ocean School is and how it links to your curriculum.

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How to use Ocean School

Learn about Ocean School’s technical requirements and tips for classroom use.

Help Centre
Get Started for Educators

Set up your Ocean School class with our step-by-step guide.

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Ocean School and Google Classroom

Ocean School has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Google Classroom. This video will guide you, step-by step, through the process of connecting your existing Google Classroom classes to Ocean School.