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North Atlantic

Join our youth hosts Holly, Anisha, Isabelle and lead scientist , Dr. Boris Worm...

...as they take a journey of discovery, racing to find out what we can do to keep our ocean — as well as our own lives — healthy and safe. Together, they join DFO scientists, and Indigenous Elders and community members to find out:

  • How we can contribute to healthy habitats
  • The actions we can take to protect ecosystems
  • How we can ensure sustainable use of our marine resources
Days at sea
Minutes of media
Interactive experiences

Healthy Habitats

How can we contribute to healthy habitats?

What's it all about?

Students join youth host, Isabelle, and Dr. Boris Worm on an expedition in the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence and Malpeque Bay to explore and identify special habitats. Together, they join DFO scientists, community members and indigenous communities who are using different methods of collecting data (pelagic and shoreline surveys, underwater transects, species observation and analysis, community and traditional knowledge) to find out more about the relationships between marine species and their habitats, and how we can better protect them.

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Evolving Ecosystems

What actions can we take to protect ecosystems?

What’s it all about?

Students join youth host, Anisha, and Dr. Boris Worm on an expedition in the Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy. Here, they’ll conduct a deep-dive exploration into the eating habits of everything from microscopic crustaceans to gigantic North American Right Whales, and use cutting-edge science to explore every oceanic link which binds them!

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Protecting Populations

How can we ensure the sustainable use of our marine resources?

What’s it all about?

The collapse of the cod fishery is not a new story in Canadian curriculum, however, this module offers a unique perspective into the significance of the cod fish, Fogo’s innovative fishery model and a debate about whether or not the changing fishing and management practices have enabled the cod to recover enough for commercial fishing to begin once again. Students join youth host Holly and Dr. Boris Worm, alongside local fishermen and scientists from Ocean Wise, Marine Institute and DFO to examine the complexities of managing marine natural resources and the potential recovery of cod.

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